Mankato, MN

$1.7 Million
New Construction

Profinium Place is a 7 story office downtown Mankato, part of a 40 million dollar redevelopment project in downtown Mankato by the Tailwind Group. CPA firm Abdo Eick and Meyers, Blethen, Gage & Krause, Profinium Inc and Lidstrom Commercial Realtors are tenants in the office space that opened in spring of 2015. Profinium Place had its groundbreaking in Spring of 2013. Schwickert’s was hired as the roofing, architectural metals and mechanical contractor on the project for a combined contract amount just over 1.7 million dollars.

For the mechanical scope of work, Schwickert’s installed the main supply air and return air duct work into the chases. All of the duct work was required to be put in place before the roof was installed on the building. A 20,000 pound air handling unit (AHU 64,000) with 80 tons of cooling was installed into the future mechanical room location on the 7th floor penthouse. The air handling unit was craned into place through the side wall of the building.

Schwickert’s installed 11,000 square feet of the new flat roofing. The new roofing system consisted of adhered low-rise foam to concrete deck and a fully-adhered Carlisle 60 mil EPDM. Schwickert’s fabricated and installed 9,600 square feet of architectural metals onto Profinium. Materials used to fabricate the 4 mm wet-seal Aluminum Composite (ACM) Wall Panel system were sourced from Alcoa/Reynobond in colors Anodic Clear and Charcoal Grey. In addition, 25 safety tie-back anchors were supplied and installed. The safety anchors were designed and rated to support window washing equipment and also fall protection for any rooftop service.

This project site was compact and there was insufficient space to fit man lifts & cranes, especially with glazing and brick being installed simultaneously.  City streets were required to be shut down and Schwickert’s used a swing-stage suspended from the roof in order to install their ACM panel system. This allowed installation of the wall panel system when accessing the exterior from the ground was not possible. This was especially useful on the East side of the building, where a parking ramp was being built at the same time. The ACM installation began in the fall and was completed in the spring. A great deal of the caulking was completed in colder temperatures requiring additional panel preparation and the use of caulking designed for colder temperatures use to ensure proper joint sealing.

Profinium Place

Profinium Place