Fairbank, IA


Wapsie Valley HS

Wapsi Valley High School is a secondary school in northeastern Iowa. It is located centrally between Readlyn and Fairbank. It is a junior and senior high school combined.

In 2013, Wapsie Valley High School hired Schwickert’s for a contract amount of $380,000 to do the reroof of the 58,700 square foot roof. A full reroof down to the structural gypsum deck which involved tear off of the existing built-up roof.

All new EPS insulation was installed and topped with a 60 mil ballasted EPDM roofing system. The existing roof had water and mold damage which was an unforeseen aspect to the job. The original job was to leave existing insulation in place and install new roof over it. The negotiation of a full tear off was drawn out and in result almost doubled the contract value ensued.

Wapsie Valley HS