Mankato, MN

$660,000 Project
Design/Build on Plumbing and Piping Systems
Architect: Wile & Associates
Design to Commissioning – 14 months

Mankato Surgery Center Wickersham Health Campus by Mankato Clinic consists of the Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic, P.A. and Mankato Surgery Center. This facility allows patients to receive quality care in a convenient and centralized location. This new campus has three distinct facilities, featuring unique functional requirements and equipment to deliver the highest quality medical services.
In 2013, Schwickert’s was hired for a contract amount of $635,100 of the work on the new construction and re-model project. Schwickert’s designed, built and installed the plumbing system for the entire Wickersham campus, carefully customizing the system to accommodate each individual facility. The system components included the handling of domestic water, sanitary waste and vent, and storm drainage.

The Mankato Surgery Center’s new edition was completed in May 2014, and was highly focused on seasonal humidity control as well as filtering clean and uncontaminated air to continue to support safe surgery practices within the building. Schwickert’s also installed a new air handling unit later that year.

Mankato Surgery Center Mankato Surgery Center Mankato Surgery Center