Mankato Headquarters

Serving the Market Since 1906

Schwickert’s Tecta America is a roofing and mechanical contractor that has been serving commercial building owners and residential homeowners across the Midwest since 1906.  Headquartered in Mankato with branches in Savage and Rochester, MN, and Lawrence, KS, Schwickert’s provides integrated products and services to customers in the areas of roofing, architectural metals, specialty fabrication, plumbing, piping, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical, and so much more.

A team of project managers, technicians and business development people strive to provide our clients with exceptional value, ease of execution, and peace of mind.  This integrated approach combines the elements of our expertise with our clients’ resources to guarantee our work will exceed expectations.

National Presence and Tecta America

As a founding member of Tecta America LLC, Schwickert’s joined a select “best of the best” in the roofing industry across the nation. This resource sharing allows Schwickert’s to more effectively serve customers with a national footprint.  Tecta America companies are recognized leaders in their markets. Together, they offer a level of service never before attainable, using their combined depth of experience, resources, technology and capabilities.

Community Service, Opportunity and Growth for Employees

Offering expanded and better service to its customers provides greater opportunities for Schwickert’s to attract and retain the most talented and highly skilled employees required by the industry today.  Schwickert’s and its employees are active participants in their local communities serving as leaders in local initiatives and civic projects.

About Our Logo

For many years Schwickert’s has been recognized by its familiar red “Bowtie” logo.  Beginning in 2011, we have adopted a new logo and name to maintain brand familiarity with the market we have served for over 111 years while at the same time reflecting our national reach as part of Tecta America, the nation’s largest roofing company. Today we are known as “Schwickert’s Tecta America” and are proud to display our new logo.