Schwickert’s offers the following services to our customer’s to assisting them with providing a safe environment for their employees and building visitors including other contractors.

  • Rooftop Safety Audits- Identify potential hazards which could result in personal injury and or property damage on your rooftops. We go beyond just identifying issues, we have the knowledge and experience to provide complete solutions as well.  Anything from custom ladders and guardrail systems, to engineered anchor points, Schwickert’s is the one to call to get your roof in compliance with current safety standards.
  • Custom Made Safety Equipment- Many times, off the shelf equipment will not fit the bill when it comes to many of the roof top challenges building owner’s face. Schwickert’s experienced metal fabricators can custom build the elevation change ladders or ramps or build whatever barrier systems are needed to keep employees and contractors safe on your roofs based on your specifications.


For more information on Safety Audits and Custom Fabricated Solutions, contact Julie Leiferman @   or 800-832-8201.