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Byron DACS

Byron, MN
Byron DACS Drone 1
Fast Facts
  • 1,300 square feet
  • Completed in 2023
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Johns Mansville Built-Up Roof System
  • Elevate .060 Reinforced Single Ply

Project Scope of Work

In 2021, a pivotal moment was marked by the successful passage of a referendum, signaling the district’s commitment to enhancing its District Administration and Community Services building (DACS).

The Byron School District is a forward-thinking institution dedicated to providing a conducive environment for learning and community engagement. The DACS building, as a hub for administrative functions and community services, became a focal point for improvement through the referendum.

Byron School District entrusted Schwickert’s as its roofing contractor for the substantial 1,300 square foot roof. Schwickert’s, known for its commitment to excellence and expertise in navigating complex projects, was well-positioned to deliver exceptional results.

The DACS building presented a unique challenge, requiring roofing solutions for multiple sections. Adding to the complexity, Schwickert’s seamlessly coordinated and collaborated with various other trades concurrently engaged in roof-related work. This collaborative approach ensured a smooth and efficient workflow, minimizing disruptions and optimizing project timelines.

Schwickert’s elevated the roofing standard at Byron School District by implementing a state-of-the-art roofing system. The installation featured a Johns Manville Built-Up Roofing System, renowned for its durability and weather resistance. Complementing this, Schwickert’s introduced the Elevate .060 Reinforced Single Ply Roofing system, adding an extra layer of protection and longevity to the DACS building.