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Byron High School

Byron, MN
Byron HS 2
Fast Facts
  • 378,000 square feet
  • Completed in 2023
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Firestone 60 mil Reinforced black EPDM

Project Scope of Work

Schwickert’s took the lead in installing new roofing systems covering a total of 378,000 square feet for the innovative additions to Byron High School. This comprehensive roofing solution was a crucial aspect of the school’s broader efforts to modernize its infrastructure.

The roofing crew at Schwickert’s demonstrated technical prowess by installing R30 roof insulation over a combination of metal and concrete decks. The meticulous approach ensured optimal insulation for the varied structures within the project. The ultimate roofing solution featured the Firestone 60 mil reinforced black EPDM roof system, chosen for its durability and reliability.

Beyond the core roofing elements, Schwickert’s commitment to excellence extended to the installation of roofing edge metal, providing a finishing touch that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, smoke vents were strategically installed on the auditorium, showcasing Schwickert’s attention to safety and compliance with building regulations.