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Care Center Air Duct Cleaning

Fast Facts
  • Healthcare industry
  • Completed in 2024
  • Air Duct Cleaning of:
    • 2 Make-up Air Units
    • 7 Rooftop Units
    • 37 Exhaust Fans

Project Scope of Work

This care center partnered with Schwickert’s to ensure their air is clean and healthy with an air duct cleaning. Over just eight days, the center focused on cleaning out the air ducts from two make-up air units, seven rooftop units, and 37 exhaust fans. This wasn’t a small task; it involved all the ducts that bring air in and out of the building, as well as the heating equipment.

This commercial air duct cleaning was important in this health care setting. The team worked carefully to make sure the daily routine of the center wasn’t disturbed. By the end of the project, the air system was not just cleaner but also worked better, making the center a healthier place for patients and staff. This project shows the center’s strong commitment to high health standards.