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Eide Bailly Tower

Neubau Holdings
Mankato, MN
Fast Facts
  • Completed in 2019
  • Entire Mechanical Infrastructure
  • Architectural Sheet Metal
  • Schwickert’s WS-100 Panels
  • Alpolic’s 4MM Fire Retardant material in OGM Matte Green
  • Alpolic’s 4MM Fire Retardant material in OPT Mica

Project Scope of Work

The new 70,000-square-foot Eide Bailly Tower provides commercial office, restaurant and retail space, as well as an event center on the upper-level of the 7-story building. Schwickert’s acted as Mechanical Contractor and Architectural Metals Contractor on this monumental project.

As mechanical contractor, Schwickert’s installed the entire mechanical infrastructure on the new building.

Part of that installation included the main HVAC and plumbing systems to support future tenant build outs. Additionally, the mechanical team lifted HVAC units onto the roof, and installed those and large duct mains from the roof top air handling units down to each floor. Schwickert’s also installed hot water heat to each floor, full restrooms on 3 floors and storm drains in the building and parking ramp, and more.

As architectural sheet metal contractor, the team installed aluminum composite material panels on the exterior of the new building, including 13,600 square feet of Schwickerts’ WS-100 Wet-Seal ACM and a thermally broken furring system over the building’s exterior insulation sheathing.

Schwickert’s also used Alpolic’s 4MM Fire Retardant material in the unique OGM Matte Green finish on floors 1 through 3, as well as Alpolics 4MM FR material in OPT Mica on floors 4 through 7 to compliment the heavy use of locally quarried limestone curtain wall glazing.

Using CAD-based software, Schwickert’s team planned and laid out each individual piece of furring channel and every clip (approximately 10,000) that’s attached to each panel in its own unique spot on the building. All panels were fabricated in our Mankato fabrication shop. Because there was very little space for onsite storage, and with Schwickert’s shop being so close, Schwickert’s regularly brought materials to the side as they were needed for installation.