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Harriet Bishop Elementary School

Rochester, MN
Fast Facts
  • Completed in 2022
  • 8,700 square feet
  • Architectural Metals
  • Flat Lock Metal Panel System
  • Aluminum Composite Metal Wall Panels
  • Delta Concealed Fastener Wall Panels

Project Scope of Work

In 2022, Schwickert’s Tecta America collaborated with Rochester Public Schools as the designated Architectural Metals Contractor for the construction of the new Harriet Bishop Elementary School.

Scope of Work:

The Schwickert’s Architectural Metals team played a crucial role in the project by providing and installing insulation, plywood, weather barrier, along with the incorporation of Flat Lock Aluminum Wall Panels, Aluminum Composite Metal Wall Panels, and Delta Concealed Fastener Wall Panels.

Successful Completion:

This project marked one of the three successful collaborations between Schwickert’s Tecta America and Rochester Public Schools in 2022, showcasing the team’s expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality results.