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Pond on Madison

Mankato, MN
Pond on Madison main door
Fast Facts
  • Completed in 2023
  • 9,100 square feet
  • Architectural Metals
  • FL-100 Flat Lock Metal Panel System
  • AL-13 Wood Grain Plank System
  • UC-500 Soffit Panels
  • UC-601 Wall Panels

Project Scope of Work

In a notable development, Drummer Companies unveiled plans to transform the old Shopko building in Mankato into Pond on Madison, an entertainment facility featuring an ice rink and two restaurants. Schwickert’s played a key role in this project as the appointed Architectural Metals contractor, contributing expertise to enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of the venue.

Schwickert’s undertook the task of installing diverse panel systems, adding a layer of sophistication and durability to the Pond on Madison project. With the challenge of integrating five different panel types, Schwickert’s demonstrated meticulous planning, thorough preparation, and seamless coordination through its dedicated Architectural Metals team.

Panel Systems Expertly Installed:

  • FL-100 Flat Lock Metal Panel System: Schwickert’s manufactured and installed this system in two distinct colors—Firestone in charcoal gray (3,560 sq. ft.) and regal blue (1,200 sq. ft.). This not only provided a visually appealing façade but also showcased Schwickert’s precision in panel system installation.
  • AL-13 Wood Grain Plank System: Adding a touch of warmth and elegance, Schwickert’s provided and installed this system in Light European Cherry (2,400 sq. ft.), contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of Pond on Madison.
  • UC-500 Soffit Panels: Schwickert’s introduced the Firestone UC-500 Soffit Panels in Extra Dark Bronze (1,450 sq. ft.), seamlessly blending functionality with a polished appearance.
  • UC-601 Wall Panels: To complete the comprehensive panel installation, Schwickert’s added the Firestone UC-601 Wall Panels in Extra Dark Bronze (500 sq. ft.), further enhancing the visual coherence of the structure.


The successful integration of diverse panel systems not only elevated the aesthetic appeal of Pond on Madison but also underscored Schwickert’s commitment to precision, craftsmanship, and efficient project execution.