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Tandem Products

Blooming Prairie, MN
Tandem Products
Fast Facts
  • Completed in 2023
  • Mechanical
  • Designed & installed eight sheet metal hoods
  • Installed two 5,000 cfm fans

Project Scope of Work

In the heart of Blooming Prairie, MN, Tandem Products has been a leading producer of polyurethane liners, with a commitment to quality and innovation. Seeking to enhance their local factory’s operations, Tandem Products engaged Schwickert’s as their mechanical contractor.

Tandem Products’ commitment to excellence prompted the collaboration with Schwickert’s to optimize their production environment. The project focused on creating a customized solution to address specific needs related to air quality and exhaust management at their Blooming Prairie facility.

Key Installations:

  • Sheet Metal Hoods: Schwickert’s designed and installed eight sheet metal hoods, sourced from Sheet Metal Connectors. Each hood was strategically positioned above different machines crucial to Tandem’s production process.
  • Exhaust Fans: To efficiently manage air quality, two 5,000 cfm fans from TMS Johnson were installed to exhaust air from the hoods. Each fan was dedicated to four hoods, ensuring effective ventilation across the production floor.
  • Exhaust System Design: Each hood received 1250 cfm of exhaust, optimizing air circulation and maintaining a conducive working environment. Schwickert’s implemented a sophisticated system using 16-inch spiral EZ flange from Sheet Metal Connectors. This system extended from the ceiling to the hoods, where it seamlessly tied into three separate 12-inch runs. This design facilitated uniform exhaust distribution throughout the hoods.

Schwickert’s meticulous approach extended beyond design to the actual implementation of the solution. The hoods were expertly hung from the ceiling, and the ductwork was executed with precision, ensuring an efficient and balanced exhaust system.