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The heat came fast this summer, so we’ve already put our Air Conditioners to the test. How is yours performing? Do you have concerns, questions? Let us help you answer those questions and look over your AC unit with an AC Check-Up.

Why Should You Have Your AC Unit Looked Over?

Completing an AC Check-Up each year is good preventative maintenance, as it can help mitigate problems, enhance efficiency and encourage proper refrigeration.

Having your air conditioner break down in the middle of the summer heat is less than ideal. By having your air conditioner maintained, the chances of future problems and breakdowns goes down. The efficiency of your unit is also of concern. Since you likely didn’t use your air conditioner throughout the winter, the efficiency of your unit may have degraded. That could mean more money and more time to cool your home.

Additionally, regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your air conditioner. Similar to a car, letting a small problem continue can most certainly lead to a larger problem, ultimately possibly leading to a failing unit. Let our team be there for you and your future by taking a look at your AC unit.

What Should You Expect With An AC Check-Up?

During a visit, our technicians complete many checks to assure the system is running properly.  The Technician will start with the blower operations inside the home and will check the filter to make sure it is clean. He or she will then focus their attention on the outdoor unit beginning with checking the electrical components and cleaning the condenser coil. They finish with inspecting the cooling unit for efficiency, energy usage and proper refrigeration charge to provide professional feedback on how your system is operating.

Take advantage of our Air Conditioner Check-Up Special through the end of July.