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Each year, as the busy construction season approaches, we dedicate an entire day to reinforce our commitment to safety. Schwickert’s Safety Day, held this year on May 6th, was not just a day of learning, but a celebration of our continuous effort to maintain a secure work environment.

The day began with inspiring messages from our Safety Director, Paul Baer, and our President, Derek Homrighausen, setting the tone for a day of learning and team bonding. Our employees participated in a mix of training and classroom sessions, each designed to address specific aspects of safety that are crucial in the construction industry.

Our sessions covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • Active Shooter Preparedness
  • Electrical Safety
  • Right to Know
  • Ladder and Stair Safety
  • Trailer Safety
  • DOT Regulations
  • Fall Protection

These sessions are vital in ensuring that every team member will return home safely each day. We also took this opportunity to celebrate our successes, including our consistent recognition by ABC’s STEP Safety Management platform—a testament to our safety culture.

Safety is not just a responsibility but a part of our culture. We look forward to another year of safe practices and the continuous improvement of our safety programs.
Stay safe, and let’s build a safer tomorrow together.