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[Mankato, MN – February 26, 2024]

Schwickert’s Tecta America, a leading roofing and mechanical contractor, is pleased to announce leadership changes within the organization, marking a new chapter in its growth and development.

Effective March 18, we are delighted to introduce Derek Homrighausen as the incoming President of Schwickert’s Tecta America, and the promotion of Neil Bannerman as the VP of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP).

Derek’s journey with Schwickert’s spans nearly 25 years, from his beginnings as an HVAC service technician to his recent role as Vice President of MEP. His wealth of experience and dedication makes him an ideal choice to lead Schwickert’s Tecta America into the future.

Assuming the role of Vice President of MEP is Neil Bannerman. Neil has also grown through the internal ranks of Schwickert’s, most recently as Mechanical Director.

Schwickert’s takes immense pride in its commitment to internal growth, and Derek’s appointment as President and Neil’s to Vice President is a testament to the talent and potential that exist within our ranks. This transition reflects the company’s belief in nurturing and advancing our employees from entry-level positions to the highest positions in the organization.

Please join us in welcoming Derek Homrighausen as the President of Schwickert’s Tecta America, and Neil Bannerman as the VP of the MEP Team. We are confident that these leadership changes will contribute to the continued success and growth of Schwickert’s Tecta America.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jessica Meyer
Marketing Director
Schwickert’s Tecta America | 507-276-0130

Additional Source: Kevin Palmer joining the Tecta America corporate team as President